Sense requires a working enet interface for connection and usage. You can use a wireless or hardwired adapter. We will describe using both below.
**We are working on support for other popular adapters, if you already own one and would like to see if integration is possible, please contact us about adding support.
Method 1: Wireless
Connection is simple and can be summarized in 3 steps:
1. Plug the adapter into the OBD port and navigate to your devices wifi settings.
2. Connect to the wifi adapter. The network name should be "SenseWifi", and the password is "sense123".
3. Afterwords, open the Sense app and swipe to connect. 
To use Sense and all of its functions through wireless, a Wifi-Enet adapter is needed, you can obtain one through our store if you don't already have your own from another supplier.
Method 2: Hard-wired
Connecting Sense via hardwired "enet" interface requires a few steps to get connected.
In addition to your enet cable, you will also need an ethernet to OTG adapter. These adapters can be found throughout the web on amazon and ebay.
Connection can be summarized by the following.
1. Connect the ethernet OTG adapter to the enet cable, plug into the car's obd port, and then your device.
2. Configure the static IP address for the enet cable in your devices ethernet settings using the image demonstrations below. Then unplug the adpter from the device and plug it back in.
3. Afterwords, open Sense and swipe to connect. 
Static Ip Config

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