Sense's error page is simple to use but does have some gestures that will help you with getting the most out of scanning and clearing codes.
Reading Codes:
All error codes Sense displays are true BMW/MINI specific codes, unlike most scanners that only display generic codes.
1. Upon entering the error page for the first time, the app will automatically scan for error codes. We scan all control units in the vehicle, down to the backup camera.
2. To re-scan errors, pull down on the page and errors will be re-read and displayed. 
3. Errors codes will be grouped by the control unit, and expanding to read that control units codes is done by clicking on the control unit.
4. Error code descriptions are shortened to reduce clutter, to view the entire description just click on the code.
Deleting Codes:
Deleting errors codes can be done on 3 levels, by the entire vehicle, by the control unit, or by the individual error. After clearing on any level, a re-scan takes place to show you what errors remain.
1. To delete all errors in the vehicle, swipe the "Clear Errors" bar at the bottom of the page and wait for the re-scan to complete.
2. To delete all errors in one specific control unit, click and hold on that control unit until the "Clear Errors" dialog displays, then follow the prompts.
3. To delete an individual error, click on the error to display its full description, then select the "Clear Error" option and Sense will notify you if it was cleared successfully.
Saving Codes:
The app allows you to save all current errors in the vehicle to a text file to share with your mechanic or keep on record for later use. The file contains all the same information that the app displays.
1. Locate the save icon in the top right hand corner of the error page and click it. This will generate the error file.
2. The app will scan for errors one additional time to make sure the generated report reflects the latest errors at that time.
3. The report is saved to the internal storage of your device. You can use the file manager app to locate the file. It will be located in Internal Storage/Sense/Saved_Errors"

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