Sense's home page is basic and only serves a few functions: connecting to the vehicle, disconnecting from the vehicle, changing the apps theme and accessing the license store.
Vehicle Connection:
To connect to the vehicle, first setup your OBD interface using the walk-through in the connect guide. Afterwords, getting connected is as simple as swiping the connect bar.
If you connection fails, most issues can be fixed by checking all of the following:
1. Make sure ignition is in "diag" mode, your cluster should be fully on and showing current fuel level. You can also connect while your motor is running.
2. Be sure your OBD interface is configured correctly. Refer to the connect guide.
3. Make sure your model is supported. 
** If all of the above 3 are okay, try restarting the device, and reconnecting.
Theme Changing
Sense currently has 14 themes that you can choose from so the app appearance fits your liking. The 14 themes are composed of 7 colors, each color with a light and dark mode.
To change your theme, click on the theme button in the top right hand corner of the home page, and choose your theme from the list.
We are open to adding more colors and themes, if there is a specific color you would like, you may contact us to add it in.

Theme Light

Theme Dark

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