Sense's graphical display allows users to monitor engine data in real time so you can always be aware of whats going on with your car.
Getting Started:
Upon entering the monitor page for the first time, you'll be presented with 6 gauges, all showing engine RPM. You'll need to setup your display to your preferences.
To start customizing your display, select the "gear" icon in the top right hand corner of the monitor page. This will display the monitor drawer. The drawer contains the following items:
1. Full Screen - When enabled, gauges will consume entire display, hiding status and navigation until screen is touched.
2. Threshold Alert - Master switch to turn off all gauge alerts, they can be setup individually in the gauges setting(see below).
3. Unit choice - Metric, standard or mixed.
4. Gauge Count- Number of gauges to be displayed.
5. Logging values - In order to view a specific feed as a gauge, it must be turned on as a logging value.
Customizing Display:
After selecting your units, number of gauges and logging values from the monitor drawer, your ready to start customizing your graphical display.
To get started, make sure the monitor drawer is closed, then tap on the gauge you would like to customize. The gauge bar will appear for that gauge showing the following options:
1. Alert Threshold - Set a minimum and maximum threshold for the value. If the feed goes below or above these thresholds, an audible and visual alert are given.
2. Gauge Style - Solid or Split style
3. Gauge Color - Choose Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Pink or Purple
4. Gauge Value - What the gauge will display, this list is pulled from the values you selected in your logged values from the monitor drawer.
** Holding down on a gauge will display a message showing you what the lowest and highest values achieved for that gauge are.
Sense offers the ability to manually log engine data, or auto-log. The log is then saved to your internal storage as a .csv file.
To create a data-log, locate the "file" icon in the top right hand corner of the monitor page and click it. A popup will appear.
1. To view previous logs, select "View Logs", this will show all your data-logs. To share them, simply tap the log you want to share.
2. When auto-logging is enabled, the app will start data-logging when the throttle passes 50%, and will stop logging two full seconds after the throttle is released.
3. If you would like to manually log, tap the "file" icon at the top of the page, and select "Start Log", repeat the process to stop the log.
4. When performing a manual log, auto-logging is suspended until the manual log is complete.
5. Log files will be stored in "Internal Storage/Sense/Monitor" and can be accessed using the file manager app.

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