Sense has a number of built in task that can be ran for common diagnostic procedures.
More task are added to each update. Please be cautious when using some of them.
Getting Started:
Upon entering the task page, you'll be presented with a list of all the control units found in your car. Each control unit contains 4 main groups for you to choose from:
1. Sensor Data: This group is for viewing live information from the sensors or switches within the control unit.
2. Actuations: This group is used to manually operate the components that the control unit is in charge of, as well as run some minor test.
3. Routines: The options in this group are advanced diagnostic routines like calibrations and system start-ups. Be cautious and mindful when using them.
4. Reset Ecu: Just as it states, this is to cycle the ecu, similar to pulling its power and plugging it back in.
For your convenience, the app has search functions in the task page to help you browse and find functions faster. It in the top right hand corner of the page.
When using the search function, it will search for the keywords vehicle wide, so any control unit that has functions that match your input will show.

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